We have high impact conversations with people who hold an opinion about brands.



We use our experience to get to the point quickly and dynamically with guaranteed direction. That means talking to the right people, in the right way, in the right places, in the right moment – whether that be focus groups, workshops, depth interviews or digitally.


We help brands from conception to refinement

Target deep dives

Idea generation


Concept development

Brand positioning

Comms positioning

Creative development



Living our beliefs

Our beliefs have led us to develop a way of working with people to get to the answers you need. Alongside the more traditional methodologies, we also offer:



Bringing together everybody you need to answer your questions

You (all project stakeholders), them (the people who have a point of view on you brand), and us (4 senior brains), in an extended 3-4 hour session 

Task based, dynamic, inclusive

You walk away knowing what to do

Perfect for when you want to explore,
understand, expand



Sometimes overthinking isn’t helpful; people's gut response to your intentions is much more helpful

Getting to the issue quickly, sharing your intentions

Whilst also ensuring you get the detail you need

Short, focused groups (lasting sixty minutes)

You leave knowing what to do

Perfect for when you want to refine
and reassure